What Is Strive & Grind?

You see us on your Facebook stream, on Instagram, and a lot of other places…but what is Strive & Grind?
People are always asking us, so we’re here to tell you!
CEO & Founder, Kevin Stimpson and Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Devona Stimpson will shed light and give you the 411!

Devona Stimpson
I’m a 22 year-old graphic designer, artist, and now blogger currently living in Virginia Beach. I’ve been doing graphic design since middle school, when Xanga and MySpace were popular social networks (I was known as “the girl with the sweet MySpace”), and designing professionally for 4-5 years. I love art, music, design, food, colors, urban culture, and random things that are aesthetically pleasing to me. Strive&Grind is my way of giving back to the world. I believe everyone deserves to live a happy successful life. Enjoy what you do for a living! Dreams can come true!
Devona Stimpson
Devona Stimpson
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