The Billion Dollar Body ,  founded by Nicholas & Amanda Bayerle, is a premium lifestyle brand for high-achieving men who want to look and feel like a billion bucks. When they came to us, they were running several brands which were scattered all over the place. They wanted to gain clarity and focus on one ultimate brand–something that had a premium/luxury vibe and represented the healthy and vibrant lifestyle they stood for. We helped them narrow their niche down to just men and created the name “The Billion Dollar Body.” We created a lifestyle brand for them that was clean, premium, attractive, and badass using a luxury and masculine color scheme combined with white space and sharp shapes. During the re-brand, they began to implement some of the new brand strategies which resulted in 10x more engagement from their audience. We not only helped them transform their online appearance, but also their offline appearance. After going shopping with them and providing a styling consultation, Nicholas is able to truly represent The Billion Dollar Body lifestyle and are even turning heads and receiving compliments everywhere he goes. After going through our 5-step Brand Slam process, The Billion Dollar Body is now successfully high end coaching packages and has recently sold out their first ever live event that resulted in 6 figures in revenue.