Ted Talks Tuesdays: Richard St. John’s 8 Secrets to Success

I really did enjoy Richard St. John’s presentation on the 8 secrets to success. I liked how he was able to convert a 2 hour presentation into a 3 minute presentation, and still have a powerful message. The 8 secrets to success are:

Passion. I feel passion is the ultimate predecessor to the next 7 secrets to success. I believe in St. John’s statement, “If you do it for love, the money will come anyway” 100 percent. If you’re truly passionate about something, and successfully implement the other 7 steps, the money will definitely follow.
Work. Success doesn’t come easy, and it takes A LOT of hard-work. I can’t think of one successful person who said it didn’t take much effort for them to get to where they are now.
Good.  Alex Garden’s quote, “to be successful, put your nose down in something and get damn good at it” jumped out at me. I live by this every single day. And, that’s why I’ll be successful in my venture.  We have to continuously realize progress, and work to get better at what we do.
Focus. This one is important. Many of us may get off track, because we’re trying to dibble-dabble. We need to focus on what’s important.
Push. We need to keep pushing to get through both the good and bad times. Staying consistent and true to ourselves is key. Successful people surround themselves around people who are better than them. Hopefully, they can give you the push you need when you’re lacking self-push.
Serve. St. John said,”Serve others something of value.” Well, the only way to bring in those big bucks is to offer something that has worth.
Idea. Be creative. It’s as simple as that (well not really haha).
Persist. Keep pushing, be consistent, and don’t give up. Most successful people fail before they succeed. Persistence is what got them to where they are today. They were able to get through the hard times and learn from their experiences.

I hope this powerful message jump-starts your journey to success. And, whenever you need that drive, push, or motivation, be sure to watch this video again!

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