Stick to it!

So you’ve mastered your craft, yeah? You’ve finally fine tuned a process for you to operate your business? Good shit!

Now, stick to it and keep it 100!

In life, we sometimes modify our process for certain people, whether it be friends, relatives, or well-known clients that promise to take us higher. But why do we continue to do this to ourselves? We’ve created a dope ass system with our craft; a system for every single customer to experience… so why should we switch it up, lessen or add to the value?

What we’re really trying to say is… DON’T cut corners!

You’ve set HIGH AF expectations for yourself. Don’t ever sell yourself short! Don’t fall into being the plug! You gotta stay grounded, my friend.

Put your homies through the process. They’re no one special! Place their egos aside and provide the SAME caliber of work you would for a complete stranger. Wouldn’t you love for your friends to respect you and business in the end?

Don’t deviate from the ongoing masterpiece that you’ve created. Fine tune that bad boy!

In the comments below, share with us stories of how you’re keeping it 100!

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Kevin Stimpson
Kevin is the CEO & Founder of Strive & Grind , a boutique Branding & Creative Agency based in San Diego, California. He helps entrepreneurs and small business owners attract their dream customers, build brand loyalty, and stand out from the competition.
Kevin Stimpson