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How To Stay Focused While Studying

Happy Finals Week everyone! This is the most dreaded week out of all the school days, and unfortunately it’s becoming a lot more stressful knowing your exam is tomorrow or in three days. Luckily while you are on your break, here are some answers to your magical question: how do I stay focused while studying for final exams? Although you’d rather browse your Instagram feed, studying is your main priority right now! If you follow some of the ways I list below, you’ll be able to ace your finals in no time!

macbook-air-collegeI’ll briefly talk about three things that you can find in my last article to help keep your mind focused. First, you should make a schedule which you can utilize to help keep track of what and when you are studying. Setting different times for your classes will help you stay on schedule. You also need to keep in mind that you should put 5 minute breaks throughout your schedule in order for your mind to have a little break. Trust me, 5 minutes increments will be needed. Next you need to find a location where you will be able to focus on studying without any distractions. Some people love to study in quiet places while others prefer studying at the library. Wherever it is, just make sure it’s not in your bed or right beside a television. You are more likely to take a nap or watch your favorite show. So try to avoid places where you might end up going off-track. If you have found a great place to study and know your study schedule, remember to bring something you can snack on. I suggest you don’t eat a huge meal because you can end up feeling bloated and sleepy. studyingBut if you don’t eat at all, you’re likely going to hear your noisy stomach telling you “feeeeeeeed meeeeee.” Stick to healthy foods that can stimulate the brain as well as giving you energy. You want to be able to eat snacks along your study period without having to take 30 minutes breaks. Bring snacks like peanut butter crackers, fruit, nuts, and granola bar for a study break! And don’t forget water. You don’t want to end up dehydrating yourself while studying either and if necessary bring a caffeinated drink to help keep you up.

If these ways aren’t enough for your study sessions, I’ve got a few apps that can help you stay focused. Ever got so bored of studying that you ended up on Facebook or Twitter and lost an hour of your precious time? Now Self Control can help you. logoSelf Control is a Mac application that will block any access to sites you’ve put in its blacklist for a period of time. Once you’ve set a time and started, its impossible access the Internet at all. Whether you delete the application or restart your computer, Self Control is designed to help you stay focused without the dependency of Facebook or Twitter. This is a great application because it helps keep you on track while setting increments of time while studying. After the designated time, you are allowed to take a 5 minute break—but remember to get right back to work! If you’re having to write that history paper or feel distracted with all the applications on your screen, using Think can become your life saver. think-3This app helps you concentrate by providing an overlay that blocks out everything except your current application. You can actually set the opacity of the overlay from left to right depending on your preferences. Another similar app is called Isolator. 24052_scrThis app provides an opaque overlay as well as several different effects like blur, bloom, crystals, and desaturate. Unlike Think, you are still able to click on the applications you see on your homescreen. You can still find the home dock on the bottom of the screen while using Isolator and Think.

There you have it, three different applications and ways that can help you focus while studying for your final exams! Make sure to check out my last article, 10 Tips On Studying For Finals. I hope that these two articles will help you ace your huge exams! If you’ve ever used any of these tips, ways, or applications comment below and tell me which one. What tip helps you study more efficiently? Which application are you looking forward to using? Is there any other application you use to help you stay focused?


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