Nicholas Bayerle, CEO of Billion Dollar Body

Cole Hatter, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author & Creator of Thrive

John Spencer Ellis,The Entrepreneur Coach

“I swear, I must have Kevin on one shoulder and Devona on the other whispering/yelling in my ear about branding. Every time I think about doing something with my own creativity, I just refer back to the program and branding manual that they created. Entrepreneurs like to figure out things on their own or think they can do it better than anybody else but let’s be honest, A baker is good at baking. They’re terrible at running a bakery. That said, my business is on the up and up because of their expertise, passion and wisdom when it comes to my brand. I now get be me and wear one hat. I have been on entrepreneur for just shy of 20 years but not the best business owner. Now. I can be both with the branding tools that I have attained through S&G! I love knowing that my business is now for the first time Getting Weller. Thank you for all that you do!”

Dr. Eddie Weller, Doctor, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Getting Weller

“Going into the branding process, I knew that Kevin and Devona were the ONLY ones I wanted. I believe it’s important to strike a great relationship with people before you go into business with them. Business…isn’t just business for me. The business itself might be transactional, but in our first interview together, I let them know, “Just because I’m paying for your services doesn’t mean that you want to brand me…so what kind of questions do you have for ME?” From the get-go, we opened ourselves up to a space of change and freedom that really helped us grow as we worked through the Brand Slam. Before I started, I had an idea of what I wanted to represent…but I needed someone to “put it on paper” for me. Between the sessions to brainstorm and our time together in San Diego for my one-day shoot, they really helped me capture the essence of what I wanted people to feel when they saw me online – freedom, change, no bullshit, and someone who can help them get the job done. Strive & Grind is going to take over the world, and in all honesty…I’m glad I got to be here for the “beginning steps” of the empire it’ll eventually become.”

Eden Lee, Coach and Transition Expert

“As a hardcore direct response marketer, at first I was skeptical about hiring anyone to create a “brand” for me. After talking with Kevin and Devona though I realized that this is the KEY to having a sustainable, profitable business in the long-run. Not only did they provide excellent design, but they helped me understand the CRUCIAL “under the hood” elements of branding that will allow me to charge premium prices. I highly recommend their work.”

Jon Bowes, Online Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur

Danielle Gomez, Co-Founder and VP at Serious Take Productions

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Strive & Grind on my website design and branding! Deciding on the direction to take my website was paralyzing. I understand how important branding and design of a website is in today’s business world and getting the end result of what you have in mind is a very difficult and tricky process to explore. Luckily, Kevin and Devona have this process down like an art! They listened to my ideas, took the time to understand my passion, explored my industry and went to work! The research and thought that went into my branding was impeccable! I couldn’t be happier with the design, branding and the overall work S&G delivered to me. I’m proud to call Strive and Grind my branding and design team!”

Eric Moeller, C.E.O. & Founder of Koda Homes. Expert real estate investor and Airbnb Investor-Host

“Kevin & Devona helped me completely transform my business and branding. As a personal trainer, I’ve trained so many people from all demographics, I had no idea who my target audience would be, but Kevin & Devona gave me the idea to push for entrepreneur women. They remodeled my whole presentation of what a personal trainer “should” be, into what one could be. My website, mindset, and delivery was packaged into my own lane, instead of competing with what’s already been done. Working with Kevin & Devona definitely has helped me step out from being an ordinary brand to a high premium business.”

Coco-Chanel Jones, Founder & CEO of Coco Chanel Fitness

“Kevin and Devona were fantastic to work with! We needed total branding for our event (banners, logo, website, foam boards) and the dream team delivered the perfect product. More than anything else, I always enjoyed talking and exchanging with Devona and Kevin. They listened to our needs but they deliver so much more than what we expected. It was a total blessing to work with them :)”

Eric Yang, Entrepreneur & Founder of The Millennial Entrepreneur Network

“Before the Brand Jump call, I was stuck in analysis paralysis. I was overwhelmed and felt like I had to know it all and be everywhere on social media. Kevin and Devona helped me to break down my overall goals for my business and brand into a roadmap of action steps. Not only did I receive incredible insight during the call, the S&G team sent me targeted resources to dive into deeper after our time together. The brand jump with Strive & Grind gave me everything I needed to create a course of action to jumpstart my business.

Between the link to the recorded call, the checklists and customised road map PDF and the mindset work, my brand has been jumping long after those first 90 minutes! Oh, and speaking of value, I even got a kick ass new business Tagline and a few Chris Brown lyrics in too! 😉 I can’t thank you enough, Kevin and Devona! “

Kaylee Harris, Founder of Actively Ever After

“When I first met Kevin and Devona I knew I wanted to be connected with them in some way. Their integrity and heart-centered mission is written all over their faces. They took the time to get to know me and also help me identify how the world perceived me. Our in depth conversations helped me get clear on my message and my target audience. Our photo shoot was so much more than a photo shoot. They connected with me and helped me overcome any reservations by letting me know I was among friends. I’m grateful to have a rock solid company in my corner for helping develop my brand but I’m especially grateful to now have them in my life as friends. I look forward to a long relationship with them and highly recommend them to anyone launching or relaunching a brand.”

Greg Boudle, C.E.O. & Founder of Life Beyond Clean

“I was in the middle of making changes to my website to more accurately reflect where I was at the time and their feedback really pushed me into action. I would recommend Devona and Kevin to any one that is interested in branding or rebranding themselves the right way. “

Leah Brown, Founder of Leah The Life Coach