Motivational Mondays: Live Your Dream

We all have one life to live, so we might as well live life to the fullest. Growing up, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. I’m just now dialing in, figuring out my purpose, and discovering what I want to do. We must do whatever it takes to get to where we want to be. No excuses! When we feel like giving up, we have to remember why we started. I’m a firm believer in the saying “If someone else can do it, why can’t you?” I live by that saying each and everyday. There are very successful people all over the world regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or background. We need to stop settling for less, and dream more. Do you just want to be average, or do you want to be great? How would you want to be remembered? The one question we should ask ourselves is, “How bad do I want it?” If you want it bad enough, you’ll go after it. Find what you’re good at, what makes you happy, something that you can see your self doing for the long haul, and live your dream. This video is nothing short of inspirational. Good luck on your journey!

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Kevin Stimpson
I am the CEO & Founder of Strive & Grind and loves everything self-help, entrepreneurship and fitness.
Kevin Stimpson
Kevin Stimpson

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