Jon Bowes is an online marketing and copywriting expert who helps people increase their conversions and sales through data, keyword, and copy research. He was in need of a rebrand so he could increase conversions and position himself as a leader in his industry.

Before Branding

The Challenge

 Lack Of Brand Identity

Jon focused his energy on copywriting and marketing, but didn’t focus on his branding and visual identity. His current websites only had basic imagery, content, and opt-ins. We needed to create a brand that had more visual substance, one that people would remember.

No Defined Products and Services

There wasn’t a clear way to obtain more information on his products and services or how to hire him, other than to send an email. We needed to focus on clearly conveying his services and build trust with his audience.

Needed To Attract 6 Figure Clientele

Jon’s dream customer is a 6 figure business owner. We needed to rebrand him in a way that would attract the right clientele.

 Weak Brand Positioning

The online marketing industry that he’s in is very saturated. We needed to position his new brand in a way where he can attract the right people and stand out from all the “me too” businesses.

After Branding

The Solution

Created Premium Brand Identity

We created a brand for Jon Bowes that gave off a premium luxury feel. With a monogram icon paired with an elegant serif font for his logo, solid luxury color scheme, and polished new photos, we were able to create an amazing new identity and persona that would be remembered and attract his dream customers.

Launched Brand New Website

We had to do a complete redesign of his website to give clarity and remembrance for the viewer. His new website is clean and polished. As the face of the new brand, we were able to incorporate his new pictures that exemplify trust and high status in his industry. Jon’s website is easy to navigate and you’re able to learn more about who he is and how you can work with him.