Fitness Fridays: Best Workout Motivational – Be Blind

While surfing down my Facebook feed, I noticed a video that was trending called “Best Workout Motivational – Be Blind (Sail Awolnation).” I gave it a click and my jaw just dropped in awe as I watched it! The drills and workouts they were doing are insane! The video is a trailer for the infamous I’m Famous Training. It was founded by world-renowned skill trainer and NBA Skills Coach, Micah Lancaster. They develop innovative training camps and centers that function year-round and provide the training, skills, and practices that enables anyone to excel in the sport of basketball. Check out their site to learn more and to see if there are any camps and centers near you!

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Kevin Stimpson
I am the CEO & Founder of Strive & Grind and Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Redono. I love everything entrepreneurship and fitness.
Kevin Stimpson