Coco Chanel Fitness, Founded by Coco-Chanel Jones, was previously Body Works Project before working with Strive & Grind. The company was in need of a rebrand to differentiate from the saturated fitness space. Coco Chanel Fitness, a premium fitness brand, helps edgy entrepreneur and business women reach their health and fitness goals so they can operate at peak performance in their businesses.


“Kevin & Devona helped me completely transform my business and branding. As a personal trainer, I’ve trained so many people from all demographics, I had no idea who my target audience would be, but Kevin & Devona gave me the idea to push for entrepreneur women. They remodeled my whole presentation of what a personal trainer “should” be, into what one could be. My website, mindset, and delivery was packaged into my own lane, instead of competing with what’s already been done. Working with Kevin & Devona definitely has helped me step out from being an ordinary brand to a high premium business.”
–Coco-Chanel Jones, CEO & Founder of Coco Chanel Fitness  |

Before Branding

The Challenge

New Brand and Business as a Solopreneur

Before working with Strive & Grind, Coco’s business operated as Body Works Project. After parting ways with her business partner, Coco needed a new identity, brand and business. We had to start from scratch.

Broad Target Market

The previous Body Works Project targeted men, women, and children, and had a challenge communicating the company message effectively to such a broad market. We needed to make sure the new business targeted a specific niche.

Unclear Business Direction

Coco wanted to get into the online business world, and didn’t know where to start. She was used to training her clients offline, but didn’t know how to package her offerings to serve new clients one to many online.

No Special Sauce

The company had no offerings that really stood out. Since we were starting from scratch, we had to make sure the new brand had a special uniqueness to it that attracted the right customers.

No audience

Body Works Project didn’t have a community, and lacked a strong online presence. The new brand needed to be so sticky that it would attract new prospects in droves.

After Branding

The Solution

Premium Brand Identity

Coco wanted to be the face of the new brand that empowered entrepreneurial and business women to be in the shape of their lives. Not too long after digging into Coco’s story, we learned that she was named after the famed fashion designer, Coco Chanel. The light bulb went off, and the company’s name was quickly changed from Body Works Project to Coco Chanel Fitness. We wanted to use the luxury fashion brand as inspiration for the new business. The new company name, logo, classy look and feel, and premium experiences adds uniqueness to the brand. Coco Chanel Fitness now has a powerful fitness brand identity that is edgy, fashion forward, and fun.

Launched Brand New Website

The Coco Chanel Fitness website has an aesthetic and premium look and feel to it that will attract the company’s dream clients and customers. We wanted to create a website that was clean, fluid and easy to navigate. Eye-popping imagery was used heavily to capture and maintain the viewers’ attention throughout the site. The combination of colors, fonts, patterns, and accessories tells the fashion forward business woman she’s in the right place. The fitness gear alongside fashion elements tied the Coco-Chanel (fashion designer) inspiration of the brand together. We succeeded at creating a brand that’s like no other fitness brand in the market.

New Products and Services

Coco Chanel Fitness now offers a number of premium products and services. Everything from results-driven workout and nutrition programs to private One-on-One coaching.

Offer One-Of-A-Kind Experiences For Private 1-On-1 Coaching Program

The Coco Chanel Fitness private 1-on-1 coaching program is second to none to any other fitness coaching program out there. Coco offers different luxury experiences to her clients that make them feel special and exclusive.

Charge Premium Pricing

Coco wanted to be positioned as a leader in the fitness space. We branded Coco Chanel Fitness as a premium brand that charges premium pricing on all products and services. Coco understands the importance of creating amazing experiences for her clients, and her pricing reflects both those experiences and her expertise.

Niche Target Market to Business and Entrepreneurial Women

The former Body Works Project targeted women, men, and children and had challenges communicating their message to everyone. Now, Coco Chanel Fitness, the company is able to speak to one avatar and focus all of it’s messaging toward that one avatar. Coco Chanel Fitness is focused on solving the pain points and frustrations of busy business and entrepreneurial women. This is Coco’s one up on other personal trainers, because she’s focusing on a very specific niche.


Coco went from having no authority and zero influence, to being the trainer most entrepreneurial women want to work with to get in the best shape of their live.

Coco launched a successful 30 Day Challenge that generated qualified leads for her new premium products and services. This also resulted in a highly engaged community of several hundred women participating in her challenge within the first 2 days of the launch.

She’s now able to able to stand out in the oversaturated fitness industry due to her unique branding, products, and services.

Coco’s new brand sets the stage for the future of her business, and she is able to work with her dream customers and clients.