Amplify Event in VEGAS! + Lambos at the Mansion Party – VLOG 20/BTS

We recently attended Keith Yackey’s, Amplify Live, event in Vegas and it was pretty dope. It was awesome hearing speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Sean Stephenson, and Dan Martel share their message.

Oh yeah….how can I forget?!

Gary V gave me a shout out from stage in the Vlog for having nice kicks on! Be sure to listen to his is response to my question I asked him about the impact and ROI of branding!

Thanks for following us on our journey as we continue to stay striving, and stay grinding!


Kevin Stimpson
Kevin is the CEO & Founder of Strive & Grind , a boutique Branding & Creative Agency based in San Diego, California. He helps entrepreneurs and small business owners attract their dream customers, build brand loyalty, and stand out from the competition.
Kevin Stimpson