52 Week Money Challenge: Anyone Can Do It

This is a very simple plan to save a decent amount of money in one year. The 52 week money challenge is a plan in which you will have to save X amount of dollars during X week. That may have sounded confusing to you but here’s how it goes: Save $1 during week 1, $2 during week 2, $3 during week 3, all the way until you reach week 52. By the end of the challenge you will have saved a total of $1,378. Not bad right?!

This is as simple as it gets. I think this is great because a lot of people may not have originally thought they could end up with over $1,378 after saving so little money each week. Starting off with just $1,$5, or even $10 each week is very minimal. Just imagine how much money you’d save if you put a side $25 each week ($1300/annually), $50 each week ($2600 annually) , or even $100 ($5,200 annually). It’s that simple; just straight forward math.

So what could you do with the money saved from the 52 week challenge?

Pay off some debts. If you have student loans, car loans, or even a balance on you credit card, knock those principals down as much and as quickly as you can.
Go vacation. Go on that vacation you’ve been putting off. You can definitely afford a nice vacation with $1300.
Holidays. The holidays are right around the corner. So you’re not scrambling money closer to the holiday, this will be a great way for you to put money to the side each week to help you get that gift you’ve been waiting to get a family member or friend.

Leave comments below to let us know how your savings are going! Have fun with it too guys and gals! You can also download the excel spreadsheet for the 52 week Money Challenge by clicking the link below:
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  • Helene Fernandez

    Look like another Challenge I’m going to HAVE TO TRY!!!!